Norse Costumes – Now Even The Little Ones Get To Play The Hammer Wielding God


This Halloween, size does not matter.  No matter how young or small your child may be, with these Norse costumes, he can go as the hammer wielding Norse god Thor.   Especially with the new Avengers movie, he is sure to love this strong look.  So let’s go ahead and dive right in.

The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Child CostumeThe Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Costume

Your little boy won’t seem so little with this look on. The Avengers Thor Classic Muscle Chest Costume is an extremely detailed jumpsuit that features a muscle torso just like the one in the movie.  Even the long sleeves of this costume are padded to make your child seem like he has been hitting the gym every day.

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It is sliver with black lines crisscrossing all over it up until you near the wrist where it turns red and black with silver details that give the illusion that your child has wrist cuffs on.  The lower half of this suit is pretty simple- dark blue with some black details.  Then, you can drape the detachable red cape on his shoulders and watch it glide as he zooms from one house to the next.  You can throw in a plastic hammer too if you really want to complete the whole look.

Thor Muscle Toddler CostumeThor Muscle Toddler Costume

Now, even the youngest member of your family can fly right on by even he can barely walk with the Thor Muscle Toddler Costume.

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Almost like the first one mentioned, this too is a padded jumpsuit that makes your little man look like a strong one.   It features a grey molded chest with some blue circle detailing.

What is really cute about this Viking costume is that although it is long sleeved, the print makes it look like your child is wearing a short sleeved black tee as he “flexes” his muscles as the rest of it is a skin toned color.

The lower half is just plain light blue pants that match the light blue helmet perfectly.  There is also a short red cape connected to the back that makes him glide wherever he goes.  A plastic hammer would be the perfect addition.

What is really great about the two Norse costumes mentioned is that fact that both of them are jumpsuits.  So no matter how rowdy your child is, all you have to do is zip him up and he will be ready to go.

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