Girl Viking Costume – Scandinavian Sweetie Child Costume


girl viking costume - Scandinavian Sweetie Child CostumeThere do not seem to be many viking costumes specifically made for kids. I guess you could simply get a small size of the adult costumes for older children but the toddlers and the like don’t seem to be catered for. Strange. Maybe you can make your own and just buy the viking helmet, sword and shield. Anyhow, with that said, there is one costume that is aimed at younger girls. This is the girl viking costume known as the Scandinavian Sweetie Child Costume.

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It’s not really a genuine or authentic viking costume as such. Rather it just has a few touches of “vikingness” to it but is a cute costume at the same time. Girls will love to wear this type of costume because it is cute and comfortable and they can also say that they are dress as a viking without having to wear a fake beard or wield a broadsword (unless they want to of course).

I think it’s inspiration comes form the fact that Vikings lived in cold climates. They may have utilized animal fur for clothing to stave off the bitter winds and icy conditions. In this respect the Scandinavian Sweetie costume comprises a faux suede brown dress with faux pink fur accents on the shoulders. There is also an elaborate emblem on the front of the dress.

The dress comes with a brown belt that has faux pink fur tail tassles that accessorize the outfit and give it a bit more character.

There is also a pink headpiece with small horns on either side that is no doubt another Viking inspiration.

The final touch is pink faux fur knee length boot covers.

You could add a sword and shield to make it look more like a warrior or such like if you want to make the theme even more obvious. Without the sword and shield you could pass off as a cave girl or any kind of early ages girl living in a cold climate, a bit like the clan of the cave bear stories or Ice age if there were any humans in it.

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